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Market Research

Directory of Associations is a fabulous market research tool and we provide all the searchable information FREE. If you would like to download the information to do further analysis we charge a very small fee for the download. You'll definitely want to check out our new Stats page. You can see a lot of the data in graph format making it easy to read ans understand.

Always Updating

We are always updating our data. With over 32,000 records this is pretty much a full-time job because we do it by hand. Yep, we look up everyone in our directory and make changes based on the information they have published on the Web. We tried to get the associations to update their own records but the number was so low, we gave up on them. Make sure you check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to get your questions answered.

Search for FREE

The site is completely FREE to use for searching and researching professional and trade associations but, we've had enough requests that we recently added the ability to download the data to your own computer for a small fee to save you from doing any data entry. This will allow us to update the directory more often! Just perform your search query and you can look through each of the search results or you can now download your search query.

For a Limited Time You Can Download the Entire Association Directory List at a Great Discount.

Make sure you have done some research to make sure this is the data you are truly looking for and review our FAQs before making a purchase.